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  1. Die wertvollen Informationen des Anti-Piracy Analyst helfen Unternehmen, Fälschungen zu bekämpfen. 07/16/2018 - Industry

    tesa scribos joins forces with Karg & Petersen to run renowned “Anti-Piracy Analyst” information portal

    The news portal has become firmly established and keeps companies updated on the topic of product and brand protection
  2. 11/14/2017 - Industry

    Counterfeit Protection and Market Transparency: PSA Group launches tesa scribos security concept

    PSA Group adopts tesa scribos security solution, combining counterfeit protection with innovative online platform
  3. Preferred Partners Automotive Security & Solutions 03/30/2017 - Industry

    Partnership between oneIDentity+ and tesa scribos: CLEPA Conference, 29-30 March 2017

    Market-leading counterfeit protection & service solutions for brand manufacturers of auto spare parts
  4. Saint-Emilion invitation 11/02/2016 - Industry

    The Saint-Emilion Wine Council security label: a unique and efficient system to guarantee authenticity and traceability

    Stronger together: The Saint-Emilion Wine Council takes stock of the tesa scribos security solution. After being introduced in a 2015 pilot phase only for the “Saint-Emilion appellation”, the system is now also available for all of the Puisseguin Saint-Emilion and Lussac Saint-Emilion wines.
  5. Motorservice Safety Poster 09/08/2016 - Industry

    Motorservice, a spare parts specialist, effectively protects its brand products with security solutions by tesa scribos

    Automechanika 2016, 13-17 September 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany
  6. MAHLE security label 07/25/2016 - Industry

    MAHLE protects its “originals” using security labels from tesa scribos

    Product piracy in the automotive industry is expensive and dangerous – spare parts manufacturer MAHLE uses tesa scribos security technologies to protect its original products.
  7. Meelunie Security Label 06/16/2016 - Industry

    Meelunie relies on the anti-counterfeiting solution by tesa scribos

    As one of the leading potato starch suppliers worldwide Meelunie chose the security label tesa PrioSpot by tesa scribos, enabling wholesalers, retailers and customers to easily distinguish its high quality products from counterfeit merchandises flooding the global market, especially from Asian countries.
  8. Graph Results of German Customs Authorities 04/26/2016 - Industry

    Day of Intellectual Property:

    This is how consumers and manufacturers protect themselves against product piracy
  9. HPS FX + tesa connect & check 04/13/2016 - Industry

    Internet link for sealing labels and tapes

    Online checking of the packaging seal provides complete transparency in the logistics chain and enables interaction with end consumers
  10. Semi-transparent HighPerSealFX Label 03/18/2016 - Industry

    New tesa HighPerSealFX labels and tapes

    Customised design and protection against tampering and theft
  11. NFC Label Wine Bottle 03/04/2016 - Industry

    Modern technologies to prevent product piracy

    tesa scribos makes NFC, RFID and QR codes suitable for reliable product and trademark protection
  12. tesa SecretCode 12/09/2015 - Industry

    New security feature: tesa SecretCode

    The new, fully automatically verifiable security feature tesa SecretCode makes authenticity verification simpler while also reinforcing product protection.
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